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Chicken and Chorizo Kebabs

Brocheta de Pollo con Chorizo – Chicken and Chorizo Kebabs

A guaranteed crowd pleaser time and again, the flavours Chicken and Chorizo go together extremely well. Popular with adults and children alike, this dish is the perfect BBQ recipe or a simple summertime dinner.

Difficulty: Medium
Serves 2 – 4 (To make more, simply double the quantities)


  • 4 Wooden or Metal Kebab Skewers


 Preparation Method:

  • On a clean chopping board, cut the chicken breasts in to chunks of roughly 6 pieces then set aside.
  • On a separate chopping board, wash and peel the spring onions then cut off the top and bottom, slice in two and set aside. Remove the seeds from the pepper and slice lengthways in to strips of roughly 2cm and set aside with the spring      onions.
  • Remove the chorizo from its packaging, cut the string off and slice between each chorizo to separate them, and then set aside.
  • Cut the lemon lengthways then slice each piece in to four smaller pieces and set aside.
  • Now that we have all our ingredients prepared, we are ready to make up the kebabs. Taking a skewer, slide on a slice pepper, then chorizo, a piece of spring onion and finally a piece of chicken breast. Repeat the process until the skewer is full and finish each kebab off with a piece of lemon at the end. Cover the kebabs and put them in to the fridge until you are ready to cook.
  • If you are cooking the kebabs on the barbeque, wait until it has reached the correct cooking temperature and place them on the barbeque rack, turning every so often, until the chicken is cooked through.
  • If cooking the kebabs indoors, we recommend that you use a non-stick grill pan and cook the kebabs with a dash of oil on a high heat on the hob, turning every so often, until the chicken is cooked through, approx 15-20 minutes. Alternatively, you can place them under the grill, turning every so often, until the chicken is cooked through, approx 15-20 minutes.

Serve immediately and enjoy!

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Chicken and Chorizo Kebabs