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Food Blogger Reviews

Recently, we were lucky enough to have some of our Fabulous Spanish Foods reviewed by some of the UK's best Food Bloggers and we wanted to share their thoughts with you! We sent them each a selection of different products from our website and they either chose to cook one of our recipes from our Food Inspiration section or to produce their own recipes which they then posted on their blogs.

Below is a summary of what each blogger thought and the link to their review:

English Mum

English Mum made our recipe for Spanish Serrano Ham Shank with Summer Haricot Beans for her family and it was a huge success! Staying true to the Spanish theme, English Mum also made a "Tortilla de Patatas" - Spanish Omelette and the verdict from her family was "utterley delicious!". Read her review here: English Mum's Review


Foodforfriendsyeah! chose to take their selection of goodies on a camping trip and sent us some photos of the delicious looking dishes that they cooked up, including a fantastic looking Chorizo Paella using our Spicy Cooking Chorizo String. You can find the photos from their trip and their recipe by clicking here: Foodforfriendsyeah! Review

Kitchen Delights

Included within our selection of Fabulous Spanish Foods was our Suckling Pig Middle Cut Joint which we sent to Kitchen Delights, they roasted it at home and described it as "very tender and moist meat". They also chose to make the Toasted Bread with Cured Jamón and Tomato recipe from our Food Inspiration section which they said was "an easy and delicious recipe". Click here to read the full review: Kitchen Delights Review

A Kentish Kitchen

Making the most of home grown summer salad leaves, A Kentish Kitchen chose to make a fantastic Spanish inspired salad using our very own Marinated Boquerones from the selection of products we sent. Take a look at the fabulous photography and the review right here: A Kentish Kitchen Review

David Hall

David used his selection of goodies to devise a recipe for a brunch dish using Chorizo and Smoked Paprika which is possibly best described as a "Hangover Cure" but of course, would also make a great dish for lunch or supper. A Spanish take on the classic British dish Potato Hash which takes its name from the age old concept of "hashing leftovers" to make a tasty new dish. Click here to see David's recipe and to read his review: David Hall
We'd like to thank all the bloggers for taking the time to review our products and look forward to welcoming many more of you to in the near future to try our Fabulous Spanish Foods for yourself!

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